Unanticipated Intimacy and the Trial of Robert Durst

A long trial can breed moments of unanticipated intimacy. CRIME STORY has been reporting on the Durst pre-trial hearings for...

Reassessing The Estes Robbery

Editor’s note: Out of respect for the privacy of one of the people depicted in this story, we have changed that person’s name.

Third Floor Madness

I’ve long suspected that the third floor of the downtown Los Angeles criminal courts building is the busiest waiting room in the world....

Recently-Retired Los Angeles Crime Judge Endorses George Gascon for District Attorney

On February 19, 2020, Katherine Mader retired after serving for nearly two decades as a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. Before she joined the bench in 2001, she also practiced criminal defense from 1973-1985, was a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney from 1985-1996 and 1999-2001, and was the first LAPD inspector general from 1996-1999. Why I Support George Gascón for District Attorney By Katherine Mader, Los...

Jury Duty Exclusive: Part 1 of an Interview with George Gascón, Los Angles District Attorney Candidate

This is Jury Duty, a weekly podcast forum for the discussion of crime and justice storytelling news and narrative analysis brought to you by Crime Story Media. This episode features part one of our exclusive interview with George Gascón, candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney. In Part One, Mr. Gascón answers questions - from Crime Story Publisher and Editor Kary Antholis and Crime Story reporter Molly Miller - about his early life, his education, his business career and his years with the Los Angeles Police Department. You can find a transcript of Part One of the interview here.