According to the California Department of Justice, you are eligible for inclusion on CalGang, a statewide database of gang members and gang associates,...

Crime Story Scoop: Robert Durst Admits “Killed Them All” Recording is “True and Accurate”

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Robert Durst: You Can’t Unring the Bell

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Rose Colored Glasses in the Litter Box and Other Admissible Evidence

Editorial Advisory: This story contains details of rape, sexual assault, and homicide. I try to imagine myself a juror assessing the facts and the...

Wednesday January 22, 2020

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Paul Butler Reads: The Promise and Failure of “Queen & Slim”

Black protest – especially against police violence – scares some people. The Attorney General of the United States, for example, does not think the police should be criticized.  Last week William Barr issued a  threat:  if certain communities don’t start showing the police “support and respect” they “might find themselves without the police protection they need.”   In an earlier speech to the Fraternal Order of Police, Barr claimed “the anti-police narrative is fanning disrespect for...


According to the California Department of Justice, you are eligible for inclusion on CalGang, a statewide database of gang members and gang associates, if you meet two or more of the following criteria: 1.     You have admitted to being a gang member. 2.     You have been arrested for offenses consistent with gang activity. 3.     You have been identified as a gang member by a reliable informant. 4.     You have been seen associating with documented gang members. 5.     You have been seen displaying gang symbols and/or hand signs. 6.     You have been seen frequenting gang areas. 7.     You have been seen wearing gang dress. 8.     You are known to have gang tattoos. Law enforcement officials argue that the CalGang database is an important investigative tool. But criminal justice advocates are quick to point out that CalGang’s criteria are dangerously broad, making it nearly impossible for individuals who live in certain neighborhoods...